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"Not your stereotypical zombie book."

  "An addict, a senator, and a tween partner up to survive the apocalypse. No, this isn't a start of a dad joke. I's the premise of the most unique twist on a zombie book I've ever read.

-  BooksBooksMoreBooks via Amazon for "Escape from Manhattan"

"Lush and Vibrant world characters I cared about."

"Perfect spin on the fated mates trope! The fast-pace really kept me reading, never lagged or dragged. The characters were the best part though. I love the dual POV jumping between Muirgan and Arianette, seeing the conflict build. I can't wait for book 2" - Carlie Lane from Amazon for "The Girl Beyond the Veil" 

"Holy Moly"

"Warning: this story is intense in all the best ways! Once you start it, you won't be able to stop. I read this in Kindle vella, and I'm absolutely going to read it again!" - Kindle Customer via Amazon for "The Shadow's Sister"

"Loved this fantasy novella"

"The start of this book was great, and went right to explain what was going on and why. You will be drawn into the fantasy world like you've never imagined." - via Amazon for "Red Reign"

The time draws nigh when everyone must choose a side.