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The Wood Witch's Daughter

Arianette, orphaned daughter of the Wood Witch of the Greenwood, could not help but be drawn to the strange music in the forest on the night of the Rite — when the Veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.

After being lured by a shadowy woman into the war-ravaged Ethereal Realms and bound by a bargain with a wayward Fae lord, Arianette is torn between two worlds – and two strikingly different men. With both the impetuous Skylord and his stoic half-brother seeking to win her heart, the deepest betrayal of all may come from within as they band together to solve the mystery of Arianette’s origins… before the Fae Courts burn.

But the truth about who – and what- Arianette is might be far more dangerous than they could have imagined, and the hand that destiny has dealt may not be the one Arianette intends to play.


The Last Dreamer

The blood will not wash away. The first battle has been won, but amid the rubble, promises crumble to dust. Alliances falter. Even lovers scatter like ash on the wind.

When the Courts burn, cloaks will turn. Some will be brought together by the Goddess’s hand. Others – driven apart by the sting of betrayal – into the arms of the enemy. Arianette, the girl torn between worlds, must unite the Fae and the Elves to secure her reign as Legion Queen.

The war that will decide the future of the Realms has begun.


Fae Touched

To drown in a mermaid’s lament. To walk the halls of a forgotten kingdom. To trace a tear down a maiden’s cheek, or taste the sweetness of a blackberry straight from the brambles.

Fae Touched is a collection of poems that will take you on a journey to the place where the wind goes when it blows. 

Stretch your wings and fly away with me. 

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About The Author


The first two books of Kate’s Ethereal Realms series were published in 2020. An introvert, dog mom, and whiskey connoisseur, when she’s not searching for fairy circles in hopes of being transported to an enchanted kingdom, Kate is immersed in the chaos that is her writing process. 

She lives with her husband and her rescue dog Gracie on the banks of the Hudson in Westchester County, NY, where, alas, she has found few portals to magical Realms. 


What They Say About My Books...

Praise for The Wood Witch's Daughter: Loved it! Oh, I can't wait for the next one! Great storytelling, awesome world building, and characters you can really get into! Even as she is just coming to terms with her new surroundings, Arianette is no damsel in distress, nor is she anyone's fool. I can totally see myself falling for both Varik and Braedin (I'm seriously picturing Jason Mamoa as Varik!!!). And I wish Lorna was sister!
Praise for the Last Dreamer: I don't even read books and I read this in a day. Seger has a beautiful way of crafting words and tales, her expert weaving of lore coming to life right on the page. You can't miss this one or The Wood Witch's Daughter.
Jack Archer
Praise for The Wood Witch's Daughter: A tale that weaves a story older time: love, magic, power, and jealousy. A must-read for all that love Elven tales
Bertha Walker
Kate Seger has done it again! This magical continuation of her Ethereal Realms series is just as enchanting as the first book. Be warned, though: once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down...
Christine Liwag Dixon