The Girl From Beyond the Veil

Rise of the Legion Queen

Between two worlds
one star-crossed destiny awaits

Rise of the Legion Queen

Kate Seger weaves her intricate tapestries of dark fantasy and dystopian fiction. Here, fantasy coalesces with horror to blur the boundaries that once defined beauty and terror.

You’ve found yourself in a landscape where contrasts intertwine—bitter meets sweet, love dances with hate, and life and death are but two sides of the same gilded coin. A place where the ordinary fades into the mists, and the extraordinary takes the spotlight.

So venture forth, if you dare, and surrender to the spellbinding allure of stories that promise to whisk you away into the labyrinthine depths of the extraordinary.

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Amidst Love's Ruins, a kingdom's fate takes wing

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A wayward prince. A woman with no home. An empress hell-bent on destroying them both.

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Master of the Hunt, Savior of the Resistance

Tales of the Fae 3

Emissary of Darkness

"Not your stereotypical zombie book."

  "An addict, a senator, and a tween partner up to survive the apocalypse. No, this isn't a start of a dad joke. I's the premise of the most unique twist on a zombie book I've ever read.

-  BooksBooksMoreBooks via Amazon for "Escape from Manhattan"

"Lush and Vibrant world characters I cared about."

"Perfect spin on the fated mates trope! The fast-pace really kept me reading, never lagged or dragged. The characters were the best part though. I love the dual POV jumping between Muirgan and Arianette, seeing the conflict build. I can't wait for book 2" - Carlie Lane from Amazon for "The Girl Beyond the Veil" 

"Holy Moly"

"Warning: this story is intense in all the best ways! Once you start it, you won't be able to stop. I read this in Kindle vella, and I'm absolutely going to read it again!" - Kindle Customer via Amazon for "The Shadow's Sister"

"Loved this fantasy novella"

"The start of this book was great, and went right to explain what was going on and why. You will be drawn into the fantasy world like you've never imagined." - via Amazon for "Red Reign"

Growing up amid the tranquility of New York’s suburbs, Kate Seger yearned for a world where magic was real and dreams could be touched. These yearnings blossomed into stories, unique and unexpected, merging fantasy and mythology into fascinating tapestries. A wordsmith, an introvert, a dog mom, and a freelance editor, Kate finds joy in her chaotic creative process and in seeking the hidden magic of the world. Every circle of mushrooms in the forest could be a portal, every whispered legend a reality waiting to unfold. Kate isn’t just an author; she’s a dream-weaver, a spinner of otherworldly tales, and your guide to realms unseen.

I'm Kate

The time draws nigh when everyone must choose a side.