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What is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is a new serial reading program from Amazon. Instead of reading books and chapters, you can enjoy stories and episodes. Think of it like the Netflix of books, similar to Radish but more variety. You can binge completed stories or follow along and read as episodes are released on newer stories. Have a short break at home or work? Episodes can easily be enjoyed during those small periods of peace and relaxation. New readers even can find themselves with 200 free tokens from Amazon to unlock episodes after reading the first three which are always free on each story.


Twenty years ago, Avery Stone fled Granite Springs following the mysterious drowning of her father. Now, she returns to a town whose citizens still eye her with suspicion, where secrets run deeper than the river’s waters. Her mother’s journal sheds new light on past tragedies, but not everyone wants the dark deeds of the past unearthed.


When the world ends, Lola Lovecraft is one of the lucky ones. She escapes into Haven, a virtual reality realm constructed for the explicit purpose of saving humanity from extinction. But Haven isn’t quite the utopia promised. And if Lola wants to survive in this harsh new world, she’ll have to embark upon a quest to find the ghost in the machine and defeat it.


Immortality. A sweet, forbidden fruit that Lucien has spent the better part of his life seeking. But will his greatest desire destroy the only woman he has ever loved?


A junkie. A senator. A half-feral tween. Brought together by chance, the unlikely trio shares a common goal: Get out of NYC. But as they traverse the zombie-infested hellscape, each haunted by their own demons, they must battle more than the undead if they hope to survive.


The night the old empress passed into the void, two daughters were born in the Shadow Court – one a ruler, the other a traitor. Bookish and ill-suited for the vicious world of the shadow fae, Lorna escapes her sister’s wicked designs by fleeing to the Court of Sky. But once there, she finds herself in an unfamiliar world, surrounded by enemies. As she struggles to make peace with her betrayal, she must decide – whom can you trust when you’re fighting for the wrong side?


Queens can’t hide secrets from those they rule, especially ones so terrible even a monarch as cunning as Sybilla could lose her head if the truth became known. But wit alone isn’t enough to survive in this world. A woman needs wiles, especially a whore like Lola masquerading in the shadow of kings. Even skill at arms can fail you. Ask the paladin Dallion, whose faith and shield shattered before the Dragon Goddess, only to be saved by his young squire Elle, who herself hides from destiny.


“Tonight we sow the seeds that will remind them why they once spat and touched iron when they spoke of us.” So speaks the Morrigan, and when the Morrigan speaks, the Fae heed her. Tonight, the changelings will return to the mortal realm.


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