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About My Editing Services...

I offer professional quality editing at reasonable prices. I specialize in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Suspense, Romance, and Horror, but I am open to working with authors who write all genres of fiction. Whether you need Developmental Editing to discover ways to improve story elements, Line/Copy Editing, or Proofreading, I would be happy to assist you in perfecting your manuscript.

Editing Services...

Copy and Developmental Editing

Copy Editing, with additional attention to Story Elements at a rate of $120 per 10k words


Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and minor rephrasing for clarity at a rate of $40 per 10k words

Copy Editing

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation. Improve Style, Sentence Structure, Tone, Consistency, and Readability. Some rewriting at $70 per 10k words

Developmental Editing

Story Elements such as: Hooks, Pacing, Plot Continuity, Dropped Pots, Characterization, etc., at a rate of $60 per 10k words


What They Say About My services...

Kate overdelivers. When you first read her work, you will get so excited that you can't help but start drafting a glowing review in your head. Talented writer, understands business, professional communication.
I am so delighted. The edit was so quick and the comments were thoughtful. I can see that the manuscript was read carefully and I couldn't be happier with both the final product and the turnaround time.
Kate delivers! She completed the gig extremely fast, and she did a fantastic job proofreading my text, with great accuracy and clarity. She provided very insightful feedback. Throughout the job, was very responsive and it was a pleasure to communicate with her. I look forward to working with her in the future.
I'm reviewing Kate's edits right now - she did an amazing job. Her notes are encouraging and helpful, and my story is going to be soooo much stronger now. I like that she took the time to not only give me the line-edits, but really broke down the development overall and chapter-by-chapter. I can't wait to dig back in and finish polishing my MS.