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Every book is a new world just waiting to be discovered...

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Each of my books represents a journey, to another realm or of self-discovery. So travel with me and my characters to far-off mystical lands, cities ravaged by plagues and pestilence, or small towns with deep secrets that are not very different from your own…


The Wood Witch's Daughter

Ebook $2.99 Paperback $13.99

Take a journey beyond the Veil to the Ethereal Realms. A land ruled by the Fae, where magic is real and no Mortal is safe.


Fae Touched

Embark upon a magical journey through a mix of fixed and free verse.

Dive deep with the sirens to their watery halls, and heed the lament of a very discouraged modern Juliet, for each of these poems is Fae Touched.


The Last Dreamer

Ebook $2.99 Paperback $13.99

The time has come to choose a side. War simmers and the battle for the Ethereal Realms has begun. Who will rise to power, and who will fall?


Tooth & Nail

Rowan and Azriel were never meant to be lovers. Or even friends. They were mortal enemies born and bred, the battle lines drawn between their people’s long before they ever drew their first breaths.

He, a hero, a guardian. Her, a mistake, an atrocity.

One misstep in the forest led them into each other’s arms. One moment of weakness when she spared his life. One longing gaze exchanged, leading to sweet words whispered.

Now, together, they watch their world burn.


Tria Ellinka

Three Goddesses tell their tragic tales in their own words.

Echo, violated by Zeus and banished by a jealous Hera, rediscovers love, only to have it cruelly snatched away.

Scylla, whose great mistake was falling for the lover of her rival, Circe, faces an eternity trapped in the body of a monster.

Psyche, raised up on a pedestal as the embodiment of Aphrodite is married off to a monster whose face she shall never see.

Now, emerging from the depths of their myths, they speak in their own voices.

Featuring the stories: Echoes, Scylla, and Heart and Soul.


Out of New York City

Available on Amazon Vella

A junky. A Senator. A half feral tween. Brought together by chance, the unlikely trio shares a common goal: Get out of NYC. But as they traverse the zombie-infested hellscape, each haunted by their own demons, they must battle more than the undead if they hope to survive.


Ravenous Fables

Here you’ll encounter fairy tales from across the globe, reimagined and reinvented by a group of talented authors. Expect scintillating stories to get your heart-racing and prepare for sweet seduction. Searching for steamy mystical entanglements? You’ve come to the right place.


The Last Dreamer

Available on Radish Coming soon to Amazon Vella

Avery Stone’s mother is dead. Now, twenty years after Avery fled Granite Springs following the mysterious drowning of her father, she returns to a town whose citizens still eye her with suspicion, where secrets run deeper than the river’s waters. Avery begins to seek the truth behind her father’s demise with the help of handsome funeral director Brandon. But not everyone wants the dark deeds of the past unearthed, and if she digs too deep Avery might suffer the same fate as her father.

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Some like to believe it’s the book that chooses the person

Kate Seger

The Wood Witch's Daughter

The one that started it all..


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